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Corona Landscaping is dedicated to providing customers with beautiful landscapes, friendly service, and excellent workmanship at a fair price. 


Great landscaping makes people happier.  Not only this, but research shows that a home with an neat, attractive landscape can add between five and twelve percent to the property value. 

Corona Landscaping specializes in taking properties that are in need of a little "TLC" and elevate them into something our customers are proud of.  Our design team is innovative and versatile, and our crews can compete with the best industry. 

Our process is simple: we prioritize our customer's wants first.  After that, we take that input and create a unique, timeless plan and execute it within budget! 

  • Curb appeal upgrades

  • Shade Gardens

  • Perennial Flower Beds

  • Formal (Euro) Gardens

  • Reforestation

  • Mixed Screens and Hedges

  • Vegetable and Herb Gardens

  • Asian Inspired Gardens

  • Wetland Solutions

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